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Outdoor Products

BBQ Charcoal

It is a BBQ charcoal with different charcoal types, plum charcoal and Hexagon charcoal, 100% natural charcoal, not one single tree was cut to make this product, it is Sulphur free. A premium quality charcoal for extremely economical usage which is long-lasting as it gives the BBQ a better taste. Eventually it is an ideal product for cooking in an affordable way

Shisha Charcoal

Generally considered the best shisha and bukhor charcoal. It lights easily and burns evenly, giving you a smooth smoking experience as well as boost the smell of bukhor. It is a long-lasting charcoal, 100% natural charcoal, its lasts 3 times longer, it is clean, odorless, and contains no Sulphur, it produces non spark as it is nature friendly as well.