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Food Wrapping

Aluminium Foil & Cling Film

Papco® Premium Aluminum Foil is thick and strong enough to resist extreme temperatures and keep your food protected, evenly cooked and nutritious. Its non-stick effect prevents food from sticking to pans. The homogeneous temperature distribution also makes it perfect for grilling, roasting or freezing enabling housewives and chefs to prepare savory dishes.

Baking Sheet

Non-stick is the name of the game with Papco® Cooking & Baking Paper. Oven safe up to 218˚C, it eliminates the need for greasing and allows a healthy and crumble free cooking. The double side silicon paper easily slides off delicate food and delivers better results when removing items into the cooling rack. Sanita® Cooking & Baking Paper is an ideal disposable non-stick surface for lining your pans and preparing delicious food with no mess at all!

Flexible Food Packing

Easy Lock & Sandwich Bags

Perfect for sandwiches or single serve snacks. You can use them for preserving food in picnics, trips or the fridge. The pliable plastic also helps prevent freezer burn!

Food Strorage

Food Storage Bags are a convenient solution for a quick and handy food storage. Their pliable and thick plastic helps reduce contact with the air to effectively preserve the taste, freshness and quality of almost all types and sizes of food.

Food Packing

Packing Products

Plastic Cups

Paper Cups

Plastic Cutlery

Disposable Plastics

Garbage Bags & Trash Bags

Now thicker and designed with an easy-to-close built-in tie, the premium Tie Bags offer a tighter grip, an easier lifting and a more reliable trash disposal. The newly-launched Tie Bags Scented go beyond neutralizing odors indoors and outdoors to leave bursts of fresh scents in the air and help maintain an inviting ambiance! They are as well available in oxo-biodegradable material and 100% eco-friendly!

Table Covers

Disposable table covers that are “easy to carry” and store. It comes in a wide range of colorful print designs to help the lady of the house decorate for a regular gathering, a kids party or a special event. Whether you’re taking your family on a picnic at the beach or embarking on a cross-country trip, you can easily carry with you a selection of personalized table covers to outfit your dining experience!